Marianne Giordanengo

My physical and mental wellness is the result of knowledge; of my genes and foods that best suit my characteristics. Genetics and P4 Medicine are the basis of my awareness.

Marianne Giordanengo, president of TCIG.

In 20 years of research, through direct experience with the public in her organic food shop combined with advanced cosmetics, Marianne Giordanengo has come to the statement that each person is unique and needs awareness and personalized treatments. The cornerstone of taking care of yourself is in your food choices.

Thanks to consultations and collaborations with the best biological and genetic analysis laboratories, Marianne’s mission is make the tools available to the public for a deep knowledge of one’s body and predispositions. For this reason, she brought together scientific excellence for the in-depth analysis of biological diversity and genetic predispositions.

The idea of ​​involving the Top Chefs, ambassadors of “Intelligence Gastronomy”, helps her to spread the message through important events in exclusive locations.

Marianne’s dream and goal is bring awareness of “Intelligence Gastronomy” to the greatest number of people, starting from the youngest.

Paolo Clemente Wicht

The excellence of taste, the taste for excellence.

Paolo Clemente Wicht, CEO of TCIG, trained as a jurist, is an authoritative gastronome, ASSP graduate sommelier, cook for passion, gastronomic consultant for hotels and restaurants, member of the Magistral Council in Paris of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, World Gastronomy Association.

He hosted 20 broadcasts on the theme “Culture on the plate” for the Swiss Radio.

For TCIG he deals with training and consultancy for restaurants and hotels wishing to redirect their offer to customers, with innovative, tasty and healthy proposals.

Through a detailed analysis of the menus and an in-depth comparison with the kitchen and dining room, new dishes are proposed according to the “Intelligence Gastronomy” philosophy, which is also recognizable for the customer.

Consulting brings with it the introduction of products and techniques that facilitate the achievement of the “Intelligence Gastronomy” goal.

Particular attention is paid to room service, key player for the transmission, directly to clients, of the “Intelligence Gastronomy” improvement.

Monia Caramma

Awareness makes us free and able to choose how to feed ourselves.

Monia Caramma is Chief Sustainable Food Officer and Susteinable food Reseacher. She has been studying ancient grains with and without gluten since 2000 and she met sorghum in 2015, when she started the first milling trials.

In 2017 Monia Caramma formulated the technique of gelatinization and processing of this cereal, obtaining a 100% sorghum dry pasta with excellent cooking hold without the use of additives, emulsifiers, binders. She is member of the Steering Committee of Sorghum ID and Vice President of Sorghum United.

Columnist, author, she is involved in the popularization of issues related to food, its processing and its effects on people’s well-being. She is former at official international and national Congress for doctors, dieticians and nutritionists, health and wellness professionals. Monia Caramma formulates healthy and sustainable foods.

She was included in the Forbes 2021 ranking of the 100 most influential women in Italy.

In 2021 her book “Ancient and Modern Cereals, why knowing the variety of flour you eat can save your life” (Ed. Mind) has been released.

In 2023 arrived her second book, “La VeritĂ  vi prego sul cibo; manuale di sopravvivenza alimentare”, Ed. Mind.
Her articles have been published in Journal of Food and Nutritional disorders, Tecniche molitorie, L’altra medicina, Professional Pasta, among others.

Dr. Jean-François Bézot

The Genome proposes, the behavior disposes.

Dr. Jean-François Bézot, medical biologist, doctor in pharmacy.

Already present in the main Parisian hospitals, specialized since 1987 in anti-aging biology and functional proteomics.

Speaker at the main medical congresses of aesthetic medicine and anti-aging, Dr. BĂ©zot is Vice President of the French Society of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Elected member of the French Society of Aesthetic Medicine, world-renowned expert in systems biology and science “des omiques” (functional proteomics, metabolomics) and data-science.

He is the owner of the My Cure© brand and co-owner of Medicina 4P© the famous international brand of longevity medicine.

Nerina Di Nunzio

I believe that life is not all here, there is a deep mystery within us made of true and unconditional love. I believe that our being in the world can become a wonderful adventure, you just have to wish for it.

Nerina is a certified Mindfulness instructor and conducts Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Protocols (MBSR) and Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Mindful Eating Protocols, in Italy and abroad, in English, French and Spanish (in presence and online). 

She creates individual or group Mental Coaching courses and sessions for human resources of companies and is completing the Master as Mental Coach at Livio Sgarbi’s Ekis Academy.
Nerina Di Nunzio is a Master Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming and helps people and companies to communicate with themselves, with others and with the market.

Food is nourishment for the body, but also for the soul and each of us grows in a spiritual and personal journey by searching the world for the right food.
Nerina attended Jurgen Salenbacher’s course in Barcelona and specialized in “Creative Personal Branding”. 

Her role as a popularizer and communicator is spent continuously on Italian television, radio, podcasts and on social media.

She teaches at the Tor Vergata University of Rome in the Master of Sustainable Nutrition, “Biomedical Communication” and is a Highly Qualified Specialist at the Roma Tre University in the “Enogastronomic Sciences and Cultures” a Department of Sciences’ course. 

He has been following for some time the coordinators of the Campagna Amica markets of Coldiretti throughout Italy in a training project for the enhancement of quality products. She founded the PR and Media Relations agency “Food Confidential” and directed the IED European Institute of Design for three years in Rome and the school of the magazine “La Cucina Italiana” of the Condé Nast group in Milan for another 3 years.


The web agency tailored for you!

You&Web was born in 2013 from an intuition of Gian Luca Comandini, technology communicator and digital communication expert, and Ivan Tamburrini, new technologies expert.

Originally You&Web focused exclusively into politics, dealing with the communication of electoral campaigns. Later, it becomes a real integrated communication agency able to offer all the services related to the world of communication, both traditional and digital.

Subsequently, the web agency entered show business, and today it deals with the communication and management of programs and television personalities’ social pages and networks.


Enrico Mambelli, Top manager in sports companies such as Nike, Nordica, Diadora and in fashion and luxury companies such as Armani, Valentino, Ungaro, Calvin Klein, Cerruti, Ferre’ and Elisabetta Franchi.

He now lends his skills to investment banks and investment funds for M&A and IPOs, as well as strategic consultancy to companies in the aforementioned sectors. National Councilor for Italian Azzurri and Olympic Athletes, meritorious company of CONI.