Carlo Cracco

Born in Vicenza in 1965, in 1986 he began his professional career at Gualtiero Marchesi in Milan, the first Italian restaurant to achieve three Michelin stars. He moved to France for 3 years where he had the opportunity to learn the secrets of French cuisine under the guidance of Alain Ducasse (Hotel de Paris) and […]

Cristina Bowerman

Born in Cerignola, in the province of Foggia, after graduating in Law in 1992, she left Italy for the United States with destination San Francisco. In California a he continued his forensic studies alternating them with those in graphic design. The work at the Higher Grounds, coffee house, was the first real contact with the […]

Michele Casadei Massari

Born in Riccione on 17 July 1975 Michele Casadei Massari is a chef and entrepreneur, currently the CEO, founder and executive chef of Lucciola in New York City. He is extremely passionate about all the italian things, including cooking, art, literature and other creative expressions. After attending the famous University of Bologna, he moved to […]

Giancarlo Morelli

Giancarlo Morelli, from a child prodigy to award-winning chef to shrewd and kind entrepreneur: one Michelin star, six restaurants, a long list of awards in world haute cuisine. Born in the Bergamo countryside into a family of farmers with solid roots in work ethics, Morelli immediately distinguished himself for his strong-willed character and passion for […]

Pietro Leemann

Pietro Leemann was born in Locarno, Switzerland, in the summer of 1961. From an early age he cultivated, in every sense, a love for the land and nature, playing and working with his parents in the family garden. In 1976, struck by a vanilla Bavarian cream by the great Ticino chef Angelo Conti Rossini, he […]

Irma Dütsch

Irma Dütsch grew up as the youngest of six children on a farm in the Gruyère region of French-speaking Switzerland. She attended school in Gruyère in the canton of Fribourg. She had to move to German-speaking Switzerland because, as a woman in French-speaking Switzerland, nobody wanted to give her an apprenticeship in the kitchen. Later […]