Top Chef Intelligence Gastronomy consultancy for restaurants and hotels

Through the invaluable advice of food and wine expert Paolo Clemente Wicht and Monia Caramma Chief Sustainable, Food Officer and Sustainable food Researcher, TCIG has created a training and consultancy service for restaurants and hotels wishing to redirect their offer to customers, with innovative, tasty and healthy proposals.

Monia Caramma has been studying ancient cereals with and without gluten since 2000 and met sorghum in 2015 when she started the first milling trials.

He is a member of the Steering Committee of Sorghum ID and Vice President of Sorghum United.

Paolo Clemente Wicht is an authoritative gastronome, ASSP graduate sommelier, passionate cook, gastronomic consultant for hotels and restaurants and member of the Magistral Council in Paris of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, the World Gastronomy Association.

The duration of the consultancy starts from two days, minimum one night, and develops from a detailed analysis of the menus, through an in-depth discussion with the kitchen and dining room, up to the proposal of new dishes according to the “Intelligence Gastronomy” philosophy, clearly recognizable also for the client.

The consultancy brings with it the signaling and introduction of products and techniques that facilitate the achievement of the “Intelligence Gastronomy” objective.

The restaurant industry is facing important changes linked to both new food needs and inclusiveness; chefs have the responsibility to guarantee an experience that is of the same level for all diners.

A poor or mass-market product for a celiac, for example, would create an unpleasant disparity when compared with a traditional equivalent.

Just as the kitchen has stripped of adjuvants, flavor enhancers and tends to the essential, to the authentic flavor, it has become necessary to adapt the proposal with special products so that the table is inclusive.

In the same way, it is useful to include dishes with ingredients and combinations on the menu that intrigue the customer, satisfy him without rising from the table swelling and with the feeling of heaviness.

Particular attention is naturally reserved for room service which, thanks to its contact with customers, is a key player to be re-evaluated for the transmission of the “Intelligence Gastronomy” change: an opportunity to look at the gastronomic offer with a new point of view.

Awareness and in-depth knowledge of food is a further training element of Top Chef Intelligence Gastronomy; through TCIG’s partnerships with international nutrition and product experts.

Restaurants and hotels that have benefited from TCIG consultancy will be able to display theTop Chef Intelligence Gastronomy brand at the entrance to the premises and indicate the “Intelligence Gastronomy”(R) dishes on their menus.

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