Giancarlo Morelli

Good healthy and ethical cuisine. It is the pure extraction of taste in total respect for nature.

Giancarlo Morelli, from a child prodigy to award-winning chef to shrewd and kind entrepreneur: one Michelin star, six restaurants, a long list of awards in world haute cuisine.

Born in the Bergamo countryside into a family of farmers with solid roots in work ethics, Morelli immediately distinguished himself for his strong-willed character and passion for cooking, which he learned by osmosis at a very young age by imitating his mother’s gestures.

He graduated as the best student at the San Pellegrino Terme hotel school, and in that period he was already working to support himself.

At the age of eighteen he embarked as a junior chef on American ocean liners.

Travel, work, learn.

And on his return to Europe he perfected his cuisine by following the strict French school, with masters such as Bernard Loiseau and Alain Ducasse.

Thanks to his enterprising vision, his seriousness, at the age of just twenty-four he became the manager of the first golf club in Italy, in Monticello.

Strengthened by many awards, he decided to open his first restaurant in Seregno, Brianza, in 1993.

He called it Pomiroeu – pometo – in homage to the apple, sincere fruit and beginning of “everything”.

Thanks to his elegant and straightforward cuisine, where tradition, research and conviviality converge, he was awarded the Michelin star in 2009.

His career as a Chef adds up to that of an entrepreneur, and Morelli opens a branch of the Pomiroeu in Marrakech, the Pomiroeu Phi Beach, on the Costa Smeralda, the Trattoria Trombetta in Milan.

In 2017 he opened two more restaurants: the Bulk mixology & food bar and the Morelli, gourmand cuisine complete with a chef’s table, housed in the 5-star luxury Hotel VIU Milan in Milan.

An admirer of Peruvian cuisine, he is one of the first European chefs to import methods and flavors from Peru into his recipes.

Always a supporter of a cuisine without waste and respectful of nature, Chef Morelli is part of the board of CARE’s Ethical Chef days, an event of sustainable food.

He is also a member of Le Soste, a top-of-the-range collection that historically encompasses the best of Italian catering in Europe and in Italy.

Giancarlo Morelli