Michele Casadei Massari

I wanted, and I always wanted, and I wanted very strongly.

Born in Riccione on 17 July 1975

Michele Casadei Massari is a chef and entrepreneur, currently the CEO, founder and executive chef of Lucciola in New York City.

He is extremely passionate about all the italian things, including cooking, art, literature and other creative expressions.

After attending the famous University of Bologna, he moved to New York in 2009 where he translated his many skills and curiosities acquired during his medical studies to establish himself as one of the most sought-after executive chefs and culinary consultants in the world.

Michele works as a chef and ambassador for major brands such as Ferrari USA, Parmigiano Reggiano and Urbani Truffles.

He is the Executive Chef of the BiograFilm Food Academy based in Bologna and consultant and partner of Iwonder Pictures, film distribution and production.

His cooking style fully embraces the Italian philosophy which teaches a simple and healthy approach, relying mainly on the quality of the ingredients rather than elaborate preparation.

An occasional radio speaker on Italian national broadcasters such as Radio 2, he is also a conceptual and T-shirt photographer.

Michele Casadei Massari