Top Chef Intelligence Gastronomy and the motivational/mental coaching for small-medium-large companies.

Through the expert advice of our certified Mindfulness instructor Nerina Di Nunzio, TCIG offers food and motivational coaching that includes knowledge of genetic food predispositions and in-depth knowledge of foods to act in awareness and reduce the disturbances of incorrect nutrition.

Motivational coaching and Mindfulness allows to increase the skills of the individual collaborator and the team by increasing their performance and lowering stress but there is another very important and equally basic element for TCIG:


More and more companies are faced with repeated absences or low performance of employees in the workplace due to lowered immune defenses resulting in headaches and joint pain, dysentery, fever, up to chronic inflammatory diseases. All inconveniences mainly related to food problems.

Each of us is confronted with our own DNA. It conditions the body’s response to the various foods we consume regularly and therefore the effect on health.

If we have a genetic defect, called predisposition, the nutrients consumed daily may not be assimilated correctly and create health problems, tiredness, low levels of concentration and memory.

Food genetic analyzes and the study of DNA are certainly an ideal tool to make each of us aware of which foods are best suited to our body and keep us healthy.

Self-awareness and food knowledge determine fundamental food choices.

Our coaching is targeted and can be held, face-to-face or online, in Italian, English, French and Spanish.

Our expert conducts Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Protocols (MBSR) and Cognitive Therapy Protocols (MBCT) and Conscious Eating in Switzerland, Italy and abroad.

It is possible to create individual or group Mental Coaching courses and sessions for the human resources of small-medium-large companies.

Nerina Di Nunzio is also a Master Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming and helps people and companies to communicate with themselves, with others and with the market.

Food is nourishment for the body but also for the soul and each of us grows in a spiritual and personal journey by searching the world for the right food.

Nerina has an active role as a popularizer and communicator which is played on an ongoing basis on Italian television, radio, podcasts and on social media.

She teaches at the Tor Vergata University of Rome in the MASTER of Sustainable Nutrition, “Bio Medical Communication” and is a Highly Qualified Specialist at the Roma Tre University in the “Enogastronomic Sciences and Cultures” course of the Department of Sciences.

A pleasant, fun and useful coaching to increase collaborators’ well being and the company performances.

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