Tcig events

On 2-3-4 March 2023, in Lugano, Top Chef Intelligence Gastronomy involved 6 Top Chefs together on the theme of gastronomy and health.

Carlo Cracco, Giancarlo Morelli, Pietro Leemann, Irma DĂĽtsch in loco and at the stove and Cristina Bowerman and Michele Casadei Massari in live streaming from Rome and New York for the Cooking Show interviews, were the protagonists of the first thematic gourmet festival on food awareness.

A small revolution in food and gastronomy has begun!

During the morning’s Cooking Shows, the Top Chefs were able to illustrate their thoughts and professional experiences on “Intelligence Gastronomy” to the audience and journalists, also discussing the importance of knowing genetic predispositions to food intolerances so that it will be possible to adopt a healthy and personalized diet: the real revolution of the 4P kitchen!

Furthermore, every day, Dr. Jean-François Bézot from Paris, scientific expert of Top Chef Intelligence Gastronomy, dealt with topics such as longevity medicine and nutrition (all of his speeches are available on our website).

The glamour part took place in the afternoons, dedicated to evolutionary mixology (cocktails with less alcohol, less sugar and more fantasy), with Maestro Romano Pucci’s Trio della Scala of Milan and, during the three evenings, with four-handed dinners by Top Chefs. The final Gala evening saw all the Top Chefs in action: elegance, social contacts and good music were the protagonists of the Gala.

All this has fueled the enthusiasm of the organizers to continue, with Top Chefs and partners, the development of Top Chef Intelligence Gastronomy at an international level.

MArch 2/3/4 2023, Lugano