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Every human being is unique and possesses from birth a capital of well-being which consists of his biological, physical, mental, energetic and emotional qualities, which he uses over time, which vary every second of his existence and on which he has, in large part, a capacity and possibilities for intervention.

Like any capital, it can be spent quickly or slowly; so, what can we do to keep it in balance and to allow man to be healthy for as long as possible?

The 4P medicine is a valid help.

It is very important that every person in the various stages of life can have a snapshot of this capital to see how it has been used up to now, to act with awareness in the present and in the future by maintaining, or even improving, the composition of this capital both in quantity and in quality.

The Americans, at the request of the Food and Drug Administration, invented the concept of 4P Medicine, which inaugurates, thanks to technological advances, the science of Omics (genomics, proteomics and metabolomics), the related science of systems biology, a different medicine, a disruptive medicine!

4P medicine can be declined in:

This is a booming concept; “Personalised Healthcare”. If previously “the same medicine for all patients” was recommended, today we are moving towards the notion of “a medicine tailored to each patient”, therefore targeted treatments at the right time. 

Thanks to the use of molecular diagnostic tools (genetics and biology), predictions on risk factors and genetic predispositions are elaborated.

An awareness aimed at preventing the disease before it occurs. Keeping the capital that was given to us at birth (homeostasis) in balance for as long as possible.

Prevention is medicine.

The patient, consumer, is an actor of his health and well-being through the knowledge and awareness of his body. 


Being healthy therefore means being in tune with yourself and also with the surrounding world.

The 4P Kitchen will be another great challenge for us. Is the natural culinary declination of this medical practice and, consequently, the signature of a 4-Star dish must be Personalized, Pratical, Preventive and above all Participatory.