If we are what we eat, why don't we personalize our diet?

Self-awareness is given by knowledge and education.

Top Chef Intelligence Gastronomy involves internationally renowned Top Chefs, who are testimonials of the format, as well as the protagonists of the TCIG events, which take place in exclusive locations and with a glamorous touch.

The first major event took place in Lugano, with the participation of Carlo Cracco, Giancarlo Morelli, Pietro Leemann and Irma Dütsch, plus Cristina Bowerman and Michele Casadei Massari in live streaming.

The historic debate between nutrition and health inspired Top Chef Intelligence Gastronomy creators.

The union of scientific excellence with predictive analysis in the genetic field, 4P Medicine, medical prevention, combined with the activity of artificial intelligence experts, make this new approach to psycho-physical well-being possible.

Education in research and conscious choice of food is a further element of Top Chef Intelligence Gastronomy  which makes use of the contributions of international experts in food culture and sustainable products.

Through a solid communication strategy, we propose a personal and conscious food re-education, with an emphasis on the reduction of salt, fat and sugars and the rediscovery of ancient grains to achieve the ancestral goal of humanity: a happy and healthy longevity.

Upcoming events: Forte dei Marmi, Rome Tennis&Friends and New York.


Carlo Cracco

Michele Casadei Massari

Cristina Bowerman

Irma Dütsch

Giancarlo Morelli

Pietro Leemann